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How to get an online prescription?


 Obtaining prescription medications via the internet may appear to be difficult. However, as telemedicine becomes more prevalent, online prescription in Australia are becoming more popular. Have you taken an online appointment with a doctor? Then your online prescription will be mailed and messaged to you directly. There are a lot of benefits that these online prescriptions offer.

How can an online prescription help you?

Do you have concerns about COVID or flu season? Do you like to have your doctor visit you at home? If an in-person visit isn’t feasible or is really challenging, telemedicine can help you receive some medicines. If medically required, your doctor may write a prescription script during your session. Your doctor will send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice in your neighbourhood. Your prescription may usually be picked up within an hour. These are some of the benefits of online prescriptions in Australia.

Instant notification of allergies

E-Prescribing provides prescribers with instant access to a patient’s past prescription history. Prescribers get notifications about allergies, probable drug interactions, duplicate therapy, pregnancy, and other factors that may prevent a patient from taking a certain prescription.

Avoid Drug Prescription Errors

Since 2000, the reports and surveys estimate that 95,000 prescription medication mistakes have occurred. Drugs that sound similar or have similar spelling are contributing reasons for these mistakes.

Track Prescription Completion Easily

When a patient departs with a handwritten prescription, there is no way of knowing whether or not the medication is filled. Prescribers may watch whether patients complete prescriptions via E-Prescribing, allowing doctors to coach patients on drug management if necessary. Prescribers can also track how frequently restricted substance prescriptions are filled to keep an eye on possible drug addiction.

Reduce The Number Of Lost Prescriptions

Paper prescriptions are tiny and easy to misplace, which causes medical offices to have to rewrite or phone prescriptions into pharmacies, adding to their workload. Prescriptions may be transmitted immediately to the pharmacy, eliminating the need for patients to maintain hold of another piece of paper.

Safety of the patients

E-Prescribing increases patient safety by boosting prescription readability while reducing medication mistakes and adverse drug occurrences (ADEs).

Reduces the risk of readmission

Adverse medication events are responsible for up to 20% of hospital readmissions (ADEs). ADEs are greatly decreased because of built-in safety mechanisms such as allergy alarms and duplicate therapy notifications. Prescribers, patients, and pharmacists all profit from e-prescribing since it improves drug adherence, which helps everyone!

Improves medical adherence

One out of every five prescriptions is never filled, and half of all drugs are not taken as directed. Taking a lesser amount than given, not finishing the complete term of medicine, and not comprehending prescription instructions are all examples of non-adherence. According to studies, E-Prescribing can help alleviate this problem by raising first-fill drug adherence by as much as 10%.


All you need to do is to get in touch with your doctor and ask him for an online prescription and your records will be sorted on the app itself. This is valid all across and can be used for physical visits too.

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