Take care of your image and your skin

Take care of your image and your skin!


The image we have of ourselves and the image we show to others is of paramount importance in our personal, professional and social life. When this image deteriorates, there follows a loss of self-confidence which can have harmful repercussions on our whole existence.

When we know that the skin is an organ in its own right and that it is even the most voluminous of the human body whose internal organs it protects, that it is also the witness of the vagaries of our life, traces of acne from adolescence to the stains of pregnancy through the scars and various deteriorations of accidents or illnesses that we have suffered, we become aware of the importance of providing effective care. Fortunately nowadays, aesthetic treatments have adapted to all the problems of the beauty profession thanks to a number of latest generation technologies which have revolutionized the ways of fighting against all disgraces.

What aesthetic treatments?

To maintain the aesthetics of your face without surgery, the solutions are diverse. The various peels defoliate the surface of the epidermis to erase imperfections as well as fine lines and wrinkles, to smooth the complexion by erasing spots and generally to give the epidermis a healthy-looking appearance. Permanent laser hair removal is a good way to always feel confident when you have gotten rid of those unsightly hairs that always appear at the wrong time.

If even after a diet there are still fatty deposits that are very difficult to eradicate, the silhouette can now be reshaped thanks to lypocryolysis which uses low temperatures to melt a double chin, reduce stubborn bulges or cellulite. Mesotherapy, which is now practiced without needles and in a completely painless way, comes to the rescue of the scalp and hair loss, not to mention radiofrequency which firms the skin and restores its elasticity, as well as LED therapy which uses light to regenerate certain skin areas.

Where to go for aesthetic care?

The profession of aesthetics has become a world of highly specialized techniques and technologies that practice aesthetic care in a very targeted way by adapting each treatment very precisely to each patient. Above all, the practitioners who work there must demonstrate the required qualifications. In France, only medical graduates are authorized to use laser or mesotherapy, for example.

In a serious center like  the patient benefits from a visit prior to any treatment with a skin specialist who carries out any necessary test, who rules out any contraindications and who determines the possible allergy problems while transparently informing the patient of the potential success of each protocol.

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