Tolerance, Addiction and Dependence

The Difference between Tolerance, Addiction and Dependence


These three terms have little difference in their meanings however, a person who consumes abused materials need to understand in detail about these three words. It helps to get proper treatment for your health problems that were initiated because of the usage of unhealthy substances like drugs and alcohol.

Many times, your blood alcohol level calculator shows a high amount of alcohol in it.  The BAC level is a sign of falling prey to health disorders that can be avoided if you join as a patient in any popular rehab health care units like Detox to Rehab.


It happens when someone is consuming drugs for a long time. As time passes by, their body gets accustomed to the drug effects. Hence, there is a need to take more dosage of it for enjoying the euphoric effects. It happens because the production of natural Dopamine reduces as the brain gets affected. Eventually, it leads to severe health problems.


This means, the person can’t live without the addictive substance. The body functions aren’t normal and they experience negative effects of not using the abused materials anymore. It spoils their health physically and mentally.


The term states the inability of a person to control over the usage of drugs or alcohol. They need to consume it as discontinuing drugs will result in negative consequences of the abused substances. This situation often leads to a craving for the substances and if not available, the person behaves erratically.

The person gets agitated, frustrated, have mood swings, loss of appetite and experiences many more negative effects once they go on relying on taking heavy dosages of abused drugs and alcohol.  Tolerance, dependence and addiction won’t be part of your life if you join a rehab centre at the right time to drop out of usage of abused substances from your life.

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