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4 tips for staying in shape while staying at home


In this time of health crisis, it is difficult to take care of your well-being. Work under high precautions for some, telework for others: our habits are upset. Indeed, it has become necessary to limit travel and physical contact to maintain your health and especially that of others. But then how do you deal with a sedentary lifestyle when you are forced to stay at home? Who said that staying at home didn’t rhyme with sport and a balanced diet?

Generali Vitality accompanies you on a daily basis, in all situations, to improve your well-being. Here are some tips to avoid the feeling of isolation and adopt the right gestures.

As a reminder, it is recommended to consult a health professional before starting a new physical activity and changing your eating habits.

1. Keep up your physical activity

In a sedentary period, the body is no longer used to being in perpetual motion. However, physical exercise is essential to keep your body at its usual pace. So, even while staying at home, it is important to stimulate your muscles and your morale! Indeed, the hormones produced by the body after physical activity help you feel happier and more relaxed. And this, at any age and even after a short-term activity.

The Ministry of Sports  recommends “a minimum practice of dynamic physical activities corresponding to  1 hour per day  for children and adolescents and  30 minutes per day  for adults”. Not easy in a sedentary period in which we find ourselves. Discover some exercises to keep in shape:

Cardio, muscle strengthening, stretching, glutes, abs… the choice is yours!

Sheathing  is, for example, a good activity to fight against back pain that can occur due to the time spent in front of screens.

For it :

Support yourself on the palms of your hands, arms outstretched, while keeping your body straight.

Above all, do not arch your back and contract your stomach.

Place one forearm on the floor, then the second on top and raise your arms one by one.

Repeat the movement 20 times.

This exercise helps to maintain the back.

To go further and discover other exercises,  here is a video  of Brut in collaboration with the two youtubers Sissy Mua and Fitwtiny.

In addition, there are free applications such as  Be Sport ,  My Coach  and  Goove app  to help you practice physical exercises at home. Yoga  is also ideal for boosting your body and mind without needing too much space.

Finally, in addition to physical exercises, also consider practicing relaxation exercises to relax. Do you know the “Agni-Prasana  ”? This breathing exercise stimulates the solar plexus to help boost the nervous system and soothe one’s emotional state.

How to do ?  It’s simple :

Place a hand on your stomach to feel the breath.

Exhale the air through the nose pushing with the navel towards the spine and then hold the breath for a moment.

Let the air in again, naturally, until you feel your abdomen swell.

This simple and quick exercise can keep you away from tension and give you a feeling of well-being.

We also offer a series of physical exercises to practice at home every Wednesday on  our Facebook page , stay tuned!

2. Take care of your diet

In order not to disturb his eating habits, do your best to keep your usual rhythm. Start with a  full breakfast  to avoid the morning rushes and snacking that disrupts your metabolism.

The most important thing during this period is to respect meal times. The body needs it to recharge its batteries. Set regular times  to eat and stick to them to establish a routine that will do your body good.

Taking the time to sit down to eat also allows you to take a break from your day. It’s also the perfect time to  start or get back into the kitchen  ! Surprise yourself and your loved ones by concocting delicious meals.

To awaken the Cyril Lignac that lies dormant in you, take a look  at the gourmet recipes  offered by Marmiton. These dishes have been designed to keep your spirits up, to eat together, to keep busy, to accompany your Netflix moments, movies or even video games.

Finally, remember to stay  hydrated  throughout the day. Water, tea, infusion… all means are good for eliminating toxins from the body.

3. Reconnect with the simple things

Isolation can lead to negative feelings. Don’t be fooled and become aware of the  pleasure felt when doing simple things  !

Enjoying your family, your friends, is essential to your well-being. If you are confined with other people, plan activities or games where everyone can participate.

Do you have children? UNICEF offers you  a list of fun games  that combine relaxation and education around what is happening during this period. Stories, serious games and board games are perfect for relaxing with the family while learning about the current situation.

Stay virtually close to your loved ones, your colleagues. “Maintaining ties with family and loved ones is vital,” says psychiatrist Céline Tran. Messages, calls, video conferences… our current digital tools allow us to keep a precious link with our loved ones.

4. Inform yourself correctly and disconnect your devices

Disconnecting from screens also allows you to decompress and refocus on yourself. We often get into the habit of spending more time on our phone or television when we are at home to be aware of the latest news. However, this has the effect of causing worry and anxiety.

If you want to be properly informed without worrying, give preference to trusted media such as official organizations (World Health Organization, Ministry of Health, etc.). Also beware of false information circulating on social networks!

All the thoughts of the Generali Vitality team are with you to get through this period during which the word “solidarity” takes on its full meaning.

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